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    At sea we receive email through HF radio. Messages are sent over a very low-speed radio link, so do not push the "reply" button to respond to a message if that includes the text of our original message in your response.
If you DO use your reply button, be sure to delete the original message text and these instructions from your reply. PLAIN TEXT ONLY AND NO ATTACHMENTS!!!
In order to prevent spam, we use a Whitelist containing all e-mail addresses and domains we know of. Did you ever receive an e-mail message through our Winlink address, your address is on our Whitelist and we will continue receiving your messages. But here is the snake in the grass: IF YOU SEND US EMAIL FROM A NEW ADDRESS WHICH IS NOT KNOWN TO US, WE WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR MESSAGE. WE ALSO DO NOT GET NOTICE THAT YOUR MESSAGE WAS REFUSED. This could be the case if you use a new, fancy domain name such as tuttut@itlookslikerain.com.
Do you want to be sure that your email arrives in the right place,
include the character sequence //WL2K in the subject line of your message and/or send a copy to our internet address (see below).

    Want to send us a photo? Then use this address.
We frequently check our hotmail in cybershops. Attachments up to 1 Mb.

You will always find our most recent position on www.winlink.org.
Click Maps, choose User Positions, Enter Callsign: PA1WR
and you see immediately where we hang out.
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         Film renovation 2007: 5 months in 100 seconds (14.1 Mb)
Take a tour through our Surinamese house 2007 (film 8.90 Mb)


             The newspapers always say: Paramaribo 31C (80F) and cloudy. Is  the weather indeed every day the same?
No. Generally the mornings are sunny and in the afternoons we may have rain, but there are many variations; depending on the season. Dry season: February-April and August-November. Rainy season: May-July and December-January.
             Which season is best for a visit to Suriname?
Actually there is no "best season". In some periods the climate is not very pleasant: August and September can be pretty hot and in May/June we have a lot of rain (advantage: the - pretty - swamps are accessible). We prefer December and January as they are relatively cool and the rain is not too heavy. Note that costs of airplanetickets are strongly related to holiday seasons!
             What about insects?
Obviously there are mosquitoes, but be prepared and they a won't bother you that much. They usually dine between 18.00 and 20.00, so it is wise to take a shower before they start and use a locally available repellent; it also helps if you wear trousers and a shirt with long sleeves. Of course you sleep under a mosquito net.
             Which scary animals can we expect?
Slnakes, giant spiders, ant eaters, sloths, frogs and toads, they all are more scared of you than the other way round. So no worries here.
          Which vaccinaties are obligatory? Discuss this well in advance with your GRP. He or she will probably advise: hepatitis A, DTP, typhus and yellow fever. A malaria treatment is not necessary for the coastal area (where we live) and the same applies for some jungle trips. It is wise to ask your GRP for a prescription (Malarone for 14 days), so you can buy the pills locally if necessary.
How do we get into the jungle? The possibilities are endless: by car, by bus, by boat and by plane. Everything to be arranged when you are there! Obviously we have our contacts but it is always a good idea to explore things yourself, so you know what to expect and you can determine what you like and what you don't like. Our own travel stories are a nice introduction and other websites worth checking are:

          Recommended accomodations near Paramaribo:


Our home in Suriname

This is where you'll find us
when we are not in Holland.
The address of our (and your) holiday home:

Sir Winston Churchillweg 691
Boxel, district Wanica

NL +31 610453273
SU +597 370247 or

+597 8779653


In Suriname we have internet access so we read our email every day.