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                                       For how long time do you plan to stay away?
                   Will you ever return?
                                                      What do you do with all your stuff?
                                                                        What if you don't like your new life?
                                   Can we give you a phone call?
                                           And what everybody wants to know but doesn't dare to ask: how high is budget?
                                                                                     Will you take a job underway?
                                                      When can we visit you?
                                                                        How is the electricity organised on board?
                                     And what do you do when you are hit by a storm?
                                                        If the boat sinks, will you be saved?
                                                                           What kind of electronics do you carry on board?
                                 Do you have back up's in case of failure?
                                                            Do you have a lot of food in stock during a crossing?
      Now what do you do when you've got a big fish on the hook?
                        But when you reach port you'll be able to buy ANYTHING of course!? 
An Atlantic crossing takes 2 or 3 weeks. What will you do to fight boredom?
                                                  What will you do if you are overtaken by pirates?
                                                                Will you carry guns on board?
            While exploring inlands, will you leave your boat behind just like that?