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Boatboys. How do you get rid of them?
This is frequent asked question, and our answer is: We don't.

Yes they sometimes make scratches on your boat and yes, sometimes they seem a bit agressive trying to get business from the arriving yacht, but you also should try to understand them. These guys are born in an underprivileged situation and they try to make the best of it.
We see  boatboys as our hosts and we give them some business. But it is a good idea to appoint one boatboy, and the others will accept and respect this choice and won't bother you anymore.

It is not true that they always try to take you for a ride. Sometimes they try, like on Union island. A boatboy tried to sell us a red snapper for 70 EC$ (20), so we asked him the price per kilo (15 EC$ on the market). He replied: 20 EC$. (Reasonable, as he brings it on board.) We asked him what the weight was of his fish and he said: more than 3 kilos. But on our kitchen scales it only weighed 900 grams. The fish was sold for 20 EC$ and everybody was happy.

Updated 03/2010
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