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WHICH PRODUCTS are WHERE available???

Shopping. Always a problem. You never know if you're going to encounter a big supermarket or not. So if we only take no bags with us, we should have taken our trolley,and if we bring big shopping bags along, we end up in a tiny Spar or an expensive 8-8. 
And what about our vehicle of transportation: Miepje 2, our inflatable dinghy. Is there a dinghy slipway, what about the tide, how many meters will the sea drop or rise, if we use the lock will the dinghy end up vertically on a breakwater wall? Or do we end up in a mud bath... hello there we are with all our shoppings but the sea is hundreds of meters away and you sink to your knees in the mud (h! small crabs between your toes!).
So when friends pay us a visit by car, as Marten and Mels did in La Rochelle... we have the opportunity to buy all the heavy stuff at once in a hypermarket, and much cheaper.
They also took our new foresail #4 along, see photo 3.
On top of this all, Mels and Marten are helping us with the website, i.e. frequently update our homepage with our most recent position. This is great because we do not have the opportunity to be on the internet every day.
WHICH PRODUCTS are WHERE available???
Gas: in Europe it is almost everywhere Camping Gaz only. But on the Canary and the Cape-Verdian islands they fill the large >5 kg bottles. 
Things for the boat: plenty in France, in Spain and Portugal it is more difficult and in Morocco you can forget it. On the Canaries you find almost everything you need in Las Palmas (or they order it for you). From there you have to sit it outuntil you have reached Trinidad, where everything is available.
Medicines: cheap in Spain and Portugal, and many medicines that are normally on prescription, are OTC available. This applies also to Morocco, where the prices are 25% of what we are used to. On the Lesser Antilles 40% DEET (anti mosquitoes) is not available, but there is plenty in Suriname, and cheap!
Food: in Morocco pig's meat is not available. Candybars, coke, beer, wine ao alcoholic beverages are expensive and alcohol is not ready available.  Furthermore bring stocks of: raped cheese and luxurious stuff like pesto. 
In the Caribbean European products are quite expensive. Bring stocks of:  olive oil, wash powder ao soap, shampoo, jam, peanut butter, pesto, etc., soy sauce and: canned fish. In Suriname we finished our stock of canned red pepper and now we have to wait until Isla Margarita to be able to buy it again. This is a pity as it is one of the Top 10 items on board.
Chinese products and peanut butter are available in Portugal but not in Spain, but we found peanut butter in Las Palmas. Grenadine syrups etc. are not available when you have France left behind you, but in French-Guyana you'll find plenty of French delicacies.
Suriname offers almost every wannahave: Eastern products but also typical Dutch stuff such as syrup for pancakes, apple syrup, chocolate sprinkles, liquorice and yeast.

Updated 10/2006
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