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When we are at home in Surinam, you can reach us by phone and our (Surinamese) cell phone. On some islands in the Caribbean roaming should be possible, but we still haven't found the right islands.

On board we communicate through our website and via email.
Two options:
- via internet in internet shops
- on board using the HF-radio plus a modem via the Winlink organisation.
Winlink's great advantages
Winlink is for A-licensed HAM amateurs only. Winlink's great advantage is that it is free, that you have per connectable station at least 30 minutes per day, and that you can request lots of information available via the internet. Information such as GRIB files, weather fax charts and weather forecasts (in French, Spanish or Portuguese extremely practical when they are written, so you have time to translate and try to understand them).
With every connection you can send a position report along. This position is published on the Winlink website so everyone can trace you. This tool makes tracking & tracing of the boat an easy job. Comforting thought in case of emergency.

For those who do not have a HAM license, the Sailmail system allows one to use the same software. Unfortunately Sailmail is not free, connection time is 10 minutes per day and additional information one can request is limited.

Updated 11/2007
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