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Scuba diving

On the day of our departure from the Netherlands we already had to dive to see that the propellor had gone. Later we dived to check on the rudder because it was making a lot of noise - but nothing the matter (the problem was solved when we were lifted out in Los Cristianos). 
After half a year of sailing we have experienced how useful and handy it is to have diving equipment on board. If you catch something in your propellor, change an anode, general inspection; it is all quite easy. We have an air compressor on board (Komptec Mini) so we are able to fill our own bottles when we are at anchor. This saves a lot of hassle.
On Tenerife, we dived a couple of times with our diving instructor Antonio. There is no coral and only a small flora. But there are many and especially big fish to be seen. For instance big schools of rays (various kinds, like eagles PHOTO 2 , manta's PHOTO 3 , monkfish PHOTO 4).

Antonio also inspected our air bottles, and he could tell that they were little used. A okay, and we kan use them for another 5 years. That is, if we maintain and fill them in the correct way. If you get any water in the bottle, they will start to rust inside.

Updated 02/2005
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