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 Good ideas(from ourselves and other people)

Sloshing watertank
We filled the tank with pvc soil pipes. Uses almost no space and stops the movement of the water.

Conservation of drinking water
The exact amount of chlorine to conservate drinking water is six drops of 6% chlorine per gallon of water.

Your e-mailadres untraceable for spamseekers
Spamseekers look for the @-token. If you display your emailaddress in html on your website, they will definitely find you. Even if you hide your address in a jpg, things go wrong. A mailto-link is of course not done.
The solution is to use Javascript. This displays your emailaddress on your site and it can even generate a mailto; but for spamyour address remains untraceable. Check the source code of our Contact page.
To get rid of your present spam, you will have to change your email address.
Script: Hans van Domselaar, Happy Monster

Improved bridle on your anchor rode
In order to prevent from grinding and cluncking and to divide forces over your boulders, a double bridle is practical: one end to the port bouldr, one end to starboard.
Anchorlight with LEDs and lightcell  for info
An anchorlight on solar energy saves energy, but it does'nt give much light. We combined 16 white LEDs on a printwith a lightcell.
Design and realization: Hans Coelers, Sunfish

Stern wave flushing through drains into the cockpit?
Close the cockpit drains underneath with a stainless steel "safety net", drop a pingpong ball in the drains and reduce the diameter on the upper side in such a way that the ball is stuck when pushed upwards
Idea: Ernie van Onlangs, Morgan

Electronics protected against moisture
After two years of use in a humid environment, our camera and laptop were affected by corrosion. Lesson 1: never leave the laptop in the navigation area when it is not used.  Now we keep this kind of vulnerable stuff in a separate drawer in which we placed a "Bison Vochtvreter", a box filled with special silicons attracting moisture. (Not wehen we are sailing of course.)
A cover for the dinghy
A dinghy cover is absolutely necessary in the tropics. Without, pvc (of which almost all dinghies are made) tends to get sticky. There is only one brand of dinghy that can do without a cover and this is not Zodiac but the in Europe very expensive Caribe, which is made out of hypalon. (Tip: they are quite cheap in Venezuela.)
P made our first cover in Muros (Spain), but after exactly 2 years the fabric was totally worn out and decomposed as a result of UV light. So in Suriname a new cover was made out of heavy denim, as no UV-coated fabric could be obtained. Fortunately we could get hold of nylon thread, as ordinary polyester thread is not UV-proof. Costs of materials: 20 euro's plus 9 hours of labour and perspiration by P.

Updated 10/2006
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