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 Cats on board

We certainly would love to have a dog - entertaining, and a watchdog is also useful, especially when you hear about piracy in the area. But our problem is that our new homewaters mainly consist of former British Caribbean islands, where they have strict quarantine regulations. Not very practical for us.

Cats on board are easier; they don't need their daily walk ashore and can stay on the boat. If they don't fall overboard during their busy climbing on deck.
Splash! And get out of the water without help
Cats can swim. Our cats receive regular swimtrainings, so they are used to water and don't stress when they take an unplanned swim. When we are at anchor, on both sides of the boat hangs a special cats swimladder, made from old sheets.
Sailing with two kittens
Some preparations are necessary. Think about how they can reach the cat's litter box without sliding on the smooth floor, as the boat will certainly heel! So we bought some nonskid-mats, and talking about nonskid, we also bought some food bowls which will stay in place. And also a scoop net, in case one of the girls takes an unplanned swim when we are sailing.
Also a bit useful
Our cats are not only hired for entertainment, but also to hunt for mice and especially: cockroaches. To increase their cockroaches-killersinstinct, P made a toy cockroach with which they play enthusiastically. One jump and they sit on it, put their nails in, bite and gnaw through feelers and feet; if everything goes well we will never be bothered anymore by these annoying animals!

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Updated 12/2009
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