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On board we keep it simple. Should the batteries go flat, we can fall back on traditional navigation using our Sestrel Major compass and our Walker's towing log.
Under normal circumstances we navigate the easy way, i.e. using GPS, compass (we carry two, one magnetic and one electronic), log/speedometer, depth guard and radar. The radar is our best friend as he already guided us into a Portuguese port
in poor visibility of <20 meters.
Chart plotter yes or no?
"We don't need a radar as we already have a chart plotter." These were the words of a collegue and we are deeply concerned about the guy. 
We do have a recent version of C-Map and can run it on our laptop computer (if conditions permit it). By the end of 2005 the computer was interfaced with GPS so you can imagine that this was not item #1 on our list of priorities. But as "home" is further and further away, the less detailed sea charts we have, so eventually we will use the computer more and more. But our navigation is still based on paper charts!

MaxSea won't run on Windows 7, but there is a solution. OpenCPN.
OpenCPN is a free software project to create a concise chartplotter and navigation software for use as an underway or planning tool. OpenCPN is developed by a team of active sailors using real world conditions for program testing and refinement.
Computer troubles: jumping mouse
Windows 7 and want to connect your GPS to your laptop? Probably you'll experience the "jumping mouse" problem, as Windows 7 thinks that your USB-to-serial adapter is a serial mouse. Easy to adjust in the registry:
Open Regedit. (Windows-button + R)
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SerMouse
and change the value "Start" from 3 to 4. Reboot.
There is reg software that will do the editing for you also.

Problem not solved?
Perhaps the problem is not solved with the above, or the mouse starts jumping again after a couple of days. Do the following:
Donwload WDDK 7.1 from Microsoft, install the software and build the environments as described in the manual.
Open Explorer and go to: C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.1\src\setup\devcon\objchk_win7_x86\i386
copy devcon.exe to C:\
Windows-button + R
cd c:\
devcon /disable *PNP0F09

Updated 11/2006
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