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Meals on passage
based on long life ingredients

Stocks for the crossing Canaries to Suriname
With beans
Kidney beans or baked beand, salami/chorizo, onion, pepper (can)
Baked beans, tuna, onion, black olives
Captain’s dinner: beans, onions, bacon, rice, mashed apples

With rice
Ratatouille (can) with extra onions and bacon
Risotto with dried mushrooms, parmezan cheese, long beans

Risotto chorizo/salami, macedoine (can)

Grilled sardines (can), pepper (can), green olives, garlic, lemon
Boiled eggs indonesian style, cabbage, cucumber, peanut butter sauce
Cornedbeef with extra onions & stock, peaches (can)
Goulash, peaches (can)
Ragout of chicken and dried mushrooms, green peas

With pasta
Spaghetti with green pesto sauce and parmezan cheese
Spaghetti gorgonzola(cream sauce), long green beans (can) pears (can)
Spaghetti carbonara (bacon, eggs, cream sauce)
Spaghetti with cod, calamares and or pulpo in tomato sauce (cans)
Pasta with cod, peppers, tomatoes (all from cans), onion, grated cheese

Macaroni with ham and cheese, tomato ketchup

With potatoes
Spinach omelet (spinach from can), pesto sauce, parmezan cheese, fried potatoes
Battered and fried camembert, mashed potatoes, tutti frutti
Fish burgers (fish in cans), carrot & lemon salad
Potato salad with anchovies, onion, black olives and capres, mayonnaise
Meatballs (can). green peas
Beef (can), long green beans (can)

Pizza (old bread), sprinkle with olive oil and add: mashed tomatoes, sardines, anchovies, onion, peppers
Pancakes with bacon or apple
Curry of cabbage, minced meat (can) and raisins


Crackers with cheese spread or marmalade


Bread with paté (can) of pork, salmon or tuna
Tuna salad: tuna, mayonnaise, pickles, tomato ketchup

Arrived in Suriname, and now what?
No canned red peppers available and for bacon you have to go into town. Canned fish is limited to sardines, tuna, salmon and mackerel; so no pulpo and interesting shellfish. No carrots but many other tasty vegetables; and lots of fruit. Furthermore many Eastern products such as sweet and sour vegetables and tasty marinades and sauces. So something completely different.

"Bep's Broodkoek"; an irresistible bread pudding, especially great during night watch

- soak old bread in milk
- add cocos, raisins, sugar and lots of cinnamon
- melt butter in a frying pan, add the bread mixture and cook for about 20 minuten on both sides

Long life "fresh"
Cabbage (o.a. to prepare coleslaw)
Peppers  (limited)
Cucumber (limited)


Ham (flow packed)
Minced meat and beef (cooked)

Shopping list

Updated 10/2005
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