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Tropical humidity

The struggle with tropical heat is nothing compared to the battle against moisture.

Humidity in the tropics can reach a percentage of 90% and it destroys your boat and your gear. At first you don't see it but after a few weeks the tiny black spots appear everywhere and by then it is too late.
Prevention is the key word. We left our "Bison Vochtvreters" (water absorbing silicons) at home, because we thought we would not need them outside cold and wet Holland. But this wasn't in the least true. Fortunately we have been able to buy the hardware (special boxes) and refills in Paramaribo.

Of course we placed one of them immediately in the navigational area next to the laptop, because this one doesn't crave a humid atmosphere.
And if we don't use the laptop, we never leave it on the table anymore but we keep it with a "Vochtvreter" in a separate drawer, together with our spare laptop and the camera's.
With our laptop we have learnt our lesson: keep the boat as dry as possible by introducing as little water as possible (eat out!), good ventilation and use water absorbing salts or silicons. We also make them ourselves: small bags made of mosquito nets, and filled with rice. You can place them in drawers, small cupboards, etc.
Furthermore everything we don't use in the tropics (sailing suits, wetsuits, sweaters, shoes, etc.) is washed, dried and packed in plastic bags. The shoes and boots accompanied by rice bags, because leather is the first material on board to attract mushrooms.

Updated 10/2006
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