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We used to carry some high tech fishing gear on the transom of our boat, a paravane and a box full of many different types of artificial bait to catch any type of fish, from sardine to tuna... but unfortunately, fish didn't bite.
But high tech stuff rusts, so we changed to a nylon rope (3mm, 100 meters) on a reel. With this we didn't catch a thing as well, not even during our ocean crossing. It was then that we had a fish on the hook but obviously the fish was too heavy or too big as it cut the nylon leader of the bait. Next time we'll use steel leaders.
Not catching any fish gives us enough time to determine the best strategy, in case we've got something on the hook:
- throw 'm in a bucket and wait until the moving stops
- cut off the head immediately (not recommended because quite a lot of blood and they live on for some time)
- give them anesthesia with a few drops of rum (what a terrible waste!!).
In the meantime we focused on shellfish. In the river Alvor in the Algarve you can dig for cockles and there are lots of them.

They are great in Spaghetti alla vongole, our favourite recipe with shellfish. Fry some garlic and a small onion in lots of olive oil, add the cockles, bake for 1 minute and add a glass of white wine. Bring to the boil, pour over the spaghetti, add some parsil, delicious!!!


Updated 10/2006
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