Preparations. We have been preparing ourselves for already fifteen years now.
Preparations started with the building of the boat. Building and completing were done with a circumnavigation in mind. That is why the boat's interior is the way it is: many closets and drawers and only a couple of bunks. Want to visit us? You're welcome and you're warned. This is also the reason why the rigging is the way it is: Witte Raaf is a ketch so the fore triangle is not that big. Under all circumstances we are still able to handle the foresails manually and we don't need a furling device. 

There are many things that can fall apart, electronics in particular. That is why we also haven't got lots of stuff running on electricity.
We haven't got a boiler but we have an extremely smart shower installation (created by JW), based on a fuel tank of an old petrol heater. We can build up pressure in the tank using a hand pump. We fill the tank with 1 kettle of hot water and 3 kettles of cold water, a quantity which allows us both a nice shower. We pump up the water and it sprinkles out of the small shower head. 

We also don't have electrical pumps for hot water. This saves us a lot of fresh water, because in doing so we use only approximately 20 litres per day. We can add water to our stock by using a water maker, not electrical of course.
And in case we need more electricity, we use our towing generator (when we are sailing) and a solar panel when we are at anchor. Both supply approximately 5 Amps per hour.

Finally we also produce our own air, that is, under water. We love scuba diving and we refill our bottles by using our own air compressor, so that saves us a lot of fuss. 

In communications we are rather self supporting as well. Our HAM-radio and Pactor3 modem give us access to free email services.

Nice huh?!