Time for departure

June 12, 2004. Farewell party in Den Bommel with lots of family and friends.

It was a tight schedule, as we were still in the boat yard in Middelharnis one day before our departure. And in the same week we had to make the last financial arrangements as a result of the selling of our home.

We were extremely lucky to have lots of help from good friends. 
As circumnavigators to be, we could picture ourselves on the Azores in Susan's Café Sport in Den Bommel. THE place to be if you want to use the Internet, do your laundry, have dinner or to drop by for a beer.
And on top of it all, Susan also arranged almost the whole farewell party!
Her husband Henk was a great help in the re-construction of our Windpilot. The result is magnificent, and we never could have done it this good ourselves .

In the meantime our Peugeot Diesel "Knor" was sold, and Jos kindly lent us his flashy green VW Lupo, a sweet little car that listens to the name of "Kermit".

So we are almost on our way. The box keepers are taking care of our favourite stuff, while enjoying a nice glass of BaaiBaai-wine. Hopefully this tastes like more so they will soon drop by to see us!


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