Carnaval on La Gomera

We were at war with the cockroaches, but in the end we won the battle. It was a short but tough fight because they only show up when it's dark en they run like madmen, especially when they see the big human cockroach killers. A complicating factor is that they spray their eggs immediately when they are in a lifethreatening situation. So trying to beat them to death results surely within 3 weeks in 50 more tiny little baby cockroaches. The best way to fight them, is with coackroach spray. If you want to kill a cockroach you have to have serious weapons, such as the spray which is horrible stuff and you almost choke to death yourself while spraying. We also run special cockroach traps: they call them "cockroach motels" and these are small black boxes where the cockroaches walk in or through, and underway they dip their feet in poison.  
After four cockroaches, the battle was won. And now we have to be continuously on guard. They hide themselves in boxes and cartons and they really crave glue. To ensure the future of the species, the preferred spot to place their eggs is behind loose labels. For us it means that we have to unpack our shopping bags on the pontoon and throw away all packagings before bringing anything on board.
And before entering the boat we have to take our shoes off. (This applies also to guests.) 
In January/February it is "winter" on the Canary islands. The temperature is max. 20C and there is a strong and cold wind (NE). If the sun is behind clouds, it feels rather chilly and in the evenings it is cold (sweater time). This weather is caused by the low pressure areas now taking a more southerly route over the Atlantic and coming closer to where we are. 
PHOTO 1 But the good news is that it is Carnaval for ten days! Starting with a parade, formed by an Egyptian temple with 10 Cleopatra's (male and female) on it, a Cuban police office, some kind of whorehouse, a Venetian house with terrace, a fishing vessel (inevitable), a Las Vegas casino and much more. 
The Gomerian men like to dress up as women. You see lots of drag queens with heavy make up, a wild blond wig, ultra short mini skirts and silver eyelashes. The big favourite is the fat Big Momma nigger with voluptuous breasts and ass, sometimes even dressed in raffia skirt and with a bone through the nose.
PHOTO 2+3+4
The Gomerians are rhytmic people (African roots) so there is live music every night. There is a large podium on the village square, where local bands play their music and colourful singers and dancers perform funny acts. The marina is close by, so you don't sleep a wink. A typical carnaval party lasts until 6 AM! The consumption of alcohol is remarkably low; we haven't seen any drunk! For the Gomerians, party doesn't mean drinking yourself into a delirium, but: music, happiness and socializing.

The marina in San Sebastian de la Gomera is excellent and not expensive. So now we have become one of the long stayers and we'll "winter" here until temperatures will soon be bearable (>20).
Not bad at all, actually we fancy this place with this great party in our back yard. And it is also a great opportunity to do some bigger jobs on the boat. Such as sanding and varnishing the cabin floor; it is not really practical to do this when you are sailing all the time or at anchor, knowing that you may have to leave any moment because the wind has turned. 

PHOTO 5 But as soon as the winter is over, we are happy to leave La Gomera behind us and go sailing again. Morocco is calling us!

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