So Nicolao: the most authentical island in Cabo Verde

There is no Boxing Day in Cabo Verde, so on the 26th of December we had to work i.e. sail: to the island of So Nicolao 86 miles westward. 
People say that So Nicolao is the most unspoilt island, but unfortunately we cannot check this ourselves as we are unable to visit all of the 10 CV islands. Sal and Ba Vista are already quiet, but yes, on So Nicolao time and development of tourism seem to have stopped. Chicken are on the loose on the streets, older women smoke pipe; it all seems rather authentical.

Here in Tarrafal we could not leave our boat for two days because there was a lot of wind and it funneled over the mountains with speeds of 10 Bft. When the wind had died out a bit, we left the boat at anchor (holding is excellent) en we hired a pick up with a driver to travel around the island. 

So Nicolao is said to be the most beautiful island in the whole archipel. And indeed the beauty almost makes you forget your painful bottom, as those small benches in a pick up are quite uncomfortable and all roads are cobbled with small stones. PHOTO 1
So Nicolao is mountainous with its highest point at 1300 m; similar to Gran Canaria and La Gomera. The comparision does not stop there as So Nicolao's landscape is also very similar to these two Canary islands. The wild and steep mountains
PHOTO 2 , on the highest peaks the woods with the mosses on the trees PHOTO 3 only the flora is more tropical, although you still have to wear a sweater.
The villages are pure and unspoilt. You don't see any hotels or apartment buildings; only picturesque little farms
PHOTO 4 with chicken running around, donkeys, pigs, dogs and cats and friendly people everywhere.
The women go for water to the central water taps, of which every village has at least one. Drivers of pick ups and vans have to be careful, as a woman (why not a man?!) might cross, carrying a water can on her head. PHOTO 5
In the smaller villages there is only one kind of shop: the mercearia (grocery store), which is also a pub for the necessary glass of pontch
FOTO 6 . Pontch is the one and only drink here and contains rum, honey and lemon juice.

On the 31st of December all women in Tarrafal walked around with huge curlers in their hair; to prepare for the big new year's eve party. In Cabo Verde three things are most important in life: sex, money and music. And after all this it was time to leave the islands. For Suriname...

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