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Two special anniversaries and... a visitor from Holland!


Progression is going fast in Suriname; not only the cell phone is now common property in the interior, but computers and other modern electronics have made their appearance as well. The indigenous find all this electronic stuff fantastic, and the latest trend is now to name their kids after these gadgets. “Toshiba and Facebook, come home immediately!” “Mom, can I play at Blackberry's today?”

But the old-fashioned forms of sociability remain. For example the two special anniversaries we celebrated.
Marny, an older sister of Wensly's, decided to get married. To our surprise (but later we understood that this is in fact common practice), after 26 years of living together and 3 kids! A weird thing was that Marny’s mother, who lives next door, did not attend the civil wedding. Apparently completely unimportant compared to the consecration of marriage in the cute little church in La Rencontre, where on their turn close relatives like our friends Wensly, Marius and Mboetoe did not make an entrance! Some things we'll never understand. But the party was huge and lasted the whole day. And night, as in the evening there was a swinging dance party. We were overwhelmed with drinks and snacks and several hot meals, as in Suriname no party goes without lots of food. The highlight was of course “pom”, a typical creole dish and the speciality of Marny’s mom.

The second special party was the diamond wedding anniversary of Viviane's parents. This was celebrated on the 31st of July with the whole family, of which we seem to be part now. But unfortunately we could not be present. JW was recovering from his surgery 3 days earlier, and the party was in Colakreek and the road leading there consists of humps and holes. Not very beneficial for JW's healing back, so we passed our congratulations somewhat later.

The two of us are still busy promoting Suriname as a destination for sailors in the Caribbean. In June our first article appeared in Caribbean Compass, and to our annoyance the next edition contained a big piece on Guyana! I can do the same thing, was P's idea, so she wrote a long and enthousiastic piece emphasizing the “fun”-aspect of Suriname. Because contrary to Guyana, where getting around is difficult, Suriname is easily accessible and there is a lot to see and do!

We demonstrated this to our old friend Edith, who came to Suriname on an impulse. Her first lunch in Domburg: vegetables with peanut sauce served in a banana leaf; Paramaribo with its splendid architecture and the animated Waterkant, Commewijne, the Zoo, a visit to a butterfly farm... and last but not least the interior, where we navigated the Suriname river in a pirogue for some relaxing (JW&P) and hiking (Edith). The jungle with its impressive kankantri's immediately got a firm grip on Edith so she spent an other three days of hiking on the Brownsberg as well. In the meantime she exercised with JW to chase away the last pains in his back, as Edith is a physiotherapist and this obviously fitted brilliantly!

Regrettably Ediths holidays are over now, but on the other hand JW is happy to start pain-free on all the odd jobs in and around the house (he can't wait!). And P is since August busy working for Viviane. Tropical Plants is getting bigger and bigger: the nursery garden, landscaping, laying-out of gardens and maintenance, and in the meantime they also have two shops in Paramaribo where P as a retail-manager runs the business and especially the employees.

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