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Carnival in Trinidad


We are on board again and with Carnival coming up we immediately had to arrange lots of things. Part of our luggage (the bag containing the rhum!) hadn't come out of the plane, the wheel drive unit for the autopilot was broken because some stupid ass apparently had tried to force the rudder while it was in locked position – so the inside of the unit was in pieces; the compass showed an airbubble during the last couple of years but was now completely empty; and more of these types of problems. Luckily we could start up orders and repairs just in time before the Carnival caused Trinidad to come to a complete halt.

Our first Carnival! We booked a ticket in the Members Only bus to transport us comfortably into Port of Spain and back, as many roads were blocked for normal traffic. Pick-up was at 6AM to enjoy the Parade of Bands, the famous street parade that lasts two days.
shows the impressive opening act, and an excellent act of two nice young girls.

A French yachtsman gave as some earplugs and these proved indispensable. The hullaballoo was tremendous. Lots of colours, lots of flesh (not always so appetising…), well organised timing and accommodation and including various sweeping crews between acts. The dancing was at the start quite in good taste and . But overall it was a bit too much of the same thing and a glitter bikini plus feather headdress is not the ultimate in creativity. Obviously there were some more special acts, the most striking “Simply Cultural”; a small band of ten lively people playing ukelele and dancing to their own music. Thus making unintentionally or more probable: intentional a point against the feathers and boom-boxes and they were the only ones rewarded with an applause by the public! 
An excellent act was "Love meh country"
, and the act on also protruded with head and tails above the masses, both costume as enthousiasm wise.

A swan seeming to swim on the crowd, rains of glitter , water spray to cool down , the spectacle was fantastic, the steel pan band an other highlight but we were still slightly disappointed. Was it the music accompanying the acts, which was limited to only two soca-songs which were repeated time and again? Or was it the the public grandstand, located 100 metres beyond the jury platform where the participants had given it all and had to try to come by in front of our stand? Yes, that was the problem, we were told afterwards. Normally a music and dance event as big as this one should cause emotions both in participants as in the public, and it failed - at least on the spot where we were. Perhaps we should have dressed up in minuscule glitter costumes and headdresses in screaming colours, and swing along with the crowd. We are not too old for that and surely not too fat!

Monday we'll launch and by the end of the week we'll sail to Grenada.


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