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A lazy day on the Suriname river and kept awake by a sloth


High time for an update. After a long and pleasant stay in Holland we are back in Suriname. Getting settled in home and garden was a tougher job than expected, and furthermore we faced sun and rain while painting a yacht - more on this subject in the next update.
A day of relaxation was most welcome. Our friends Toos and Henk Lie Kie Sang (they own the famous bakery est.1936 in the Jodenbreestraat) invited us to go boating on the Suriname river. We drove to Overbridge, the resort where they have a splendid country cottage. Together with Ludy and André (ex-yachtsmen, who also live in Overbridge) we loaded three cool boxes and lots of other stuff in the boat. And swimming jackets as well! These didn't seem necessary to us, but when we were out we saw the need as Henk with his 115 HP outboard turned out to be a true speed devil. Perhaps typical Chinese? Or perhaps he was in a hurry to get to a beer. Anyway we sped with 25 knots to Jodensavanne!
We anchored off a beach and while we all colled ourselves down in the water André grilled sausages and kebabs.

While we chatted and chilled, Henk and André competed for the most idiotic outfit and ; but this is how many people look during the hottest hours of the day, as the sun is ablaze in the dry season. We had a great time and by the end of a lovely lazy day we returned to Overbridge at a more gentle speed (we had a few…).

Talking about lazyness, last week we were started out of our sleep up at 11 PM by strange noises on the roof over our terrace. So we went out and took a look… and bingo, a sloth was holding on to the roof. A big one (around 30 lbs), with huge claws. We already envisioned that he was ging to keep us awake all night, so we wanted to get rid of him. But how, if you don't dare touching him?! Those nails are no laughing matter, and a sloth may move in slow-motion but hard pressed game can act unexpectedly in awkward situations. 

We lend a helping hand by putting a stepladder for him, but he wanted nothing to do with that. After more than an hour of climbing back and forth while we were waiting, he eventually decided to accept our help.

At 1 AM we were snug in bed again. Don't think living in the jungle is relaxed!

It is all in this video (turn on the speakers):
Video sloth (7.93 Mb, 1:23 minutes)

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