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New year's day on the river


WHAMMM! Kkrrrrttt krrt ttetterrretetttttt! and all this 300,000 times. The silence of Overbridge was completely drowned out by Henk's firecrackers. New Year's Eve we were guests at Henk's and Toos'.

Henk Lie Kie Sang is a Chinese fellow and Chinese have a thing with firecrackers. At midnight he revealed an enormous carton box which had been sitting in a cupboard for a couple of years (!) and two men were needed to carry it to the waterfront. The string of 300,000 firecrackers was expertly unreeled and after 15 minutes of infernal noise all potential evil spirits were chased away and in the regained silence of the jungle we could finally toast to the new year.

To be absolutely safe (spirits) Henk also sprayed home and garden with two liters of beer.

It was not until 4AM that we tumbled into our beds, while we had to be ready at 9.30 the following morning to paddle into the creek just South of Overbridge! Henk did not come along, as you can expect lots of evil spirits in a dark creek like that. Or was he just concocting an excuse after a tough evening?

The creek is only navigable when the tide is high, as many fallen trees lie across. It was a wonderful start of the new year, quietly paddling through the  reflecting water in the sunlight filtered by a

high roof of foliage between ferns, palm trees and giant jungle trees with their fairy-tale-like  roots.

We paddled quite far and until we found the creek was completely blocked. A good opportunity to step ashore with the icebox, sit on a self-made bench and have a cold drink.

To get in the mood for our coming sailing season in the Caribbean, we also visited two former lightships (just dumped in the Suriname river, that's how things work here)...

It was a marvellous day on the water and 2013 could not have started better for us.

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