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Activities with the Sailing Club Suriname


Awaiting Witte Raaf's arrival in Suriname we are busy with all kinds of preparations. Right before we travelled to Trinidad in February, the Sailing Club Suriname (SCS) was founded and in the meantime also notarized. P is secretary and is now working on all kinds of appeals as in Suriname bureaucracy is  important: ask the district commisioner for permission to renew and especially extend the jetty, get information from the MAS (Maritime Authority Suriname) on how far the jetty may stretch out into the river, open a bank account (far from easy in this country) and a whole lot more.
The Sailing Club Suriname will soon consist of 8 and perhaps even 10 members, but together with Kurt, Kenneth, Dyron and Bryan we form more or less the heart.

It is amazing how easily we have been included into this small circle of friends and we have lots of fun with the Surinamese sailors.

Surinamese love "going for a stroll" and that is almost never on foot. Should the stroll regard an activity of the sailing club, it might be that a sailing trip is planned, but it could just as well mean a trip by 4WD to the interior.
On the occasion of Ebolition Day, this year 150 years ago) we drove to Republiek, where Kenneth's family owns a cottage by the side of a magnificent creek. It was great “swimming” (standing up to your neck in the water with a can of beer) and JW went “riding” with the boat, as Bryan had brought a  kayak along. So still some watersports after all.

The next activity on the water was the Swimming Marathon Domburg-Paramaribo, this year organized for the 39th time. The SCS had been asked to crew an escorting boat so Kurt, Dyron and we had to be up at the crack of dawn as the start was at 7AM in Domburg (but following the Surinamese tradition almost an hour later).We had an icebox prepared filled with soft and energy drinks to hand out to swimmers who had a need for that, and of course rum and coke for ourselves. After 18 km of swimming with the tide the first participant passed the finish line in 2 hours and 17 minutes on the Waterfront in Paramaribo, where a party was in full swing.In the meantime we provided the rear with the infamous cloyingly sweet green Fernandes and after the last participant had finished we headed back home, tired and pleased with a splendid day on the river.

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