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Matchraces "Sranan style"


We are still very busy with the Sailing Club Suriname. Although the mills of government grind slowly, we made some headway. The MAS (Maritime Authority Suriname) is now going into the technical drawings of our new jetty and hopefully advises quickly and positively towards de district's commissionary, as we can't wait to start the construction.
The website is online: www.sailingclubsuriname.org and there is activity in the social media. It is a half-time job but it's a lot of fun.

Our activities commissioner Dyron is now under the spell of the America’s Cup and organized last Sunday

our first official club event: Matchraces “Sranan style”.
Normally matchraces are sailed with two identical boats, but the Surinamese style implies flexibility so it can also easily be done with a 420 and a catamaran. Furthermore it means: the more the merrier, BBQ and iced drinks, improvising and: fun. The race is not about the winner as everyone takes part; including novices, which leads to hilaric effects with a crowd in a 420.

The buoys were prepared , the boats were rigged up and a short course was plotted with a start, upwind & downwind tracks and finish.

As a result of high springs the current was a true challenge (tacking with the cat was almost impossible) and the variable wind created many tense moments. The sensational final race with Bryan and Romeo in the cat and Dyron with two prospective SCS-members in the 420 was a magnificent grand finale. and
Also the girls' team held a prominent place; with victories in both boats they were at the top of the overall list.

The BBQ kept going with JW grilling the hamburgers. It was a very successful party and everyone is looking forward to the next club event.

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