Gravlax (gravad lachs)

2 filets of salmon (with the skin)
6 spoons of sugar
4 spoons of course sea salt
20 white pepper balls, crushed 
(of 1 spoon of freshly grounded pepper)
dill weed

Mustard/honey sauce:
3 spoons of course mustard
2 glasses of dry white wine
3 spoons of honey
freshly grounded pepper
1 dl of oil
Take the grates out of the filets.
Mix the salt, sugar and pepper and rub it into the fish.
Place the dill weed between the filets, put on a large plate, cover with plastic and marinate for 2 to 3 days at 10C.

Serving: throw away the herbs, cut the salmon into nice slices and serve with mustard/honey sauce. Garnish with lemon and dill weed.

Musterd/honey sauce:
Mix mustard, wine, honey, salt and pepper. Add some oil while stirring very well.

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